Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur

Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur 1



Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur

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Jaipur Travel Guide


The Pink city of Rajasthan, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. This beautiful city founded in 1727 by the Rajput ruler Jai Singh II. It hosts various attractions includes majestic forts, gardens, and historic temples. Apart from this, It is the home of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort. Jaipur has various things for shopping lovers. You can buy a perfect souvenir from the vibrant markets of Pink City. Also, if you are a foodie, Then Jaipur will be heaven for you. You can enjoy The best of Rajasthani food in Jaipur like Dal Bati Churma, Ker Sangri. You can also enjoy the Street Food of Jaipur, In which Primarily including Golgappa (Pani Puri), Pyaaz Kachori, Gajak, and more. Here we will help you to find the best tourist destinations of Jaipur through our Jaipur Travel Guide.

Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur 2

How to Reach Jaipur


Air: Indian Airlines connect Jaipur with Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Bombay, Varanasi, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

Rail: Jaipur is connected by rail with Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Abu Road (Mount Abu), Udaipur, Bombay, and Sawai Madhopur.

Road: Jaipur is well connected by road with Delhi 258 km, Agra 236 km, Bikaner 321 km, Udaipur 405 km, Ajmer 131 km, Jodhpur 316 km, Bharatpur 176 km, Jaisalmer 638 km and Mumbai 1202 km


Best Time to Visit Jaipur

The best time to visit Jaipur is during the winter months of November to February. During this season the temperatures are lowest. From summer to the monsoon season temperatures can reach an unbearable 40C with combined with the pollution and dust makes sightseeing almost impossible.


Best Place to Visit in Jaipur or Things to Do at Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Every year thousands of domestic and international tourists come to Jaipur and explore here’s majestic forts, historic palaces, and temples. Here we provide you Jaipur Travel Guide to find the best tourist destinations of Jaipur.

1. Amber Palace (Amer Fort)

The principal tourist attraction in Jaipur. A majestic palace which is constructed by red sandstone and marble reflects a blend of Hindu-Muslim architecture.

Things to Do in Amber Fort

  1. Go elephant riding.
  2. Enjoy the light and sound show in the evening.
  3. Visit the temple of Sila Devi.
Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur 3

2. Hawa Mahal

The palace of winds, Hawa Mahal was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. It is said that the palace was constructed for royal women to observe the streets without being seen, the palace is now one of the most iconic buildings in Jaipur.

Things to Do at Hawa Mahal

  1. Visit the archaeological museum.
  2. Shop in Pink City Bazaar.
Jaipur Travel Guide | Best Things to Do at Jaipur 4

3. City Palace

City Palace was established at the same time as the city of Jaipur, By the Rajput ruler Jai Singh II. The royal palace is situated at the center of the city where you will enjoy seeing handcrafted products, cultural heritage, and architecture. Also, you will be awestruck by the glorious view of the pink city from here.

Things to Do at City Palace

  1. Experience the rich History and Architecture.
citypalace jaipur

4. Jantar Mantar

If you want to spend some time of the tour at an observatory, then you should go Jantar Mantar on your Jaipur Tour. This observatory was set up by Jai Singh II in 1728 to measure the heavens. It has some weird looking gadget and structures.

Things to Do at Jantar Mantar

  1. Explore the collection of architectural astronomical instruments.
Jantar Mantar Jaipur

5. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, The water palace of Jaipur, It was constructed by Sawai Pratap Singh, in 1799. The palace is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake in the state capital of Rajasthan. It is a five Storey building. when the Man Sagar lake is full of water, its four Storeys sink under the water and only fifth or top floor is visible.

Things to Do at Jal Mahal

  1. Visit magnificent gardens to South of Man Sagar Lake.
  2. Enjoy the evening view of Jal Mahal.
  3. Click pictures or spend some peaceful time at Jal Mahal.
Jal mahal jaipur

6. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734. It is one of the most popular forts in Rajasthan. The fort is a two-story building which has suites for the king and his twelve queens. It is divided into nine similar apartments and each of these apartments has a lobby, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, and store.

Things to Do at Nahargarh Fort

  1. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top of the fort.
  2. Sunset view from Nahargarh Fort.

7. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort stands on the hill of Eagles “Chil Ka Tilla”. It was founded in 1726 AD by Sawai Jai Singh II. It is the home of the world’s largest cannon “The Jaivana Cannon”.

Things to Do at Jaigarh for

  1. See the world’s largest cannon.
  2. Explore the museum of war Instruments and weapons.
  3. The stunning views from Jaigarh Fort.
Jai Garh Jaipur

8. Albert Hall Museum

It is one of the oldest Museum of Rajasthan. Albert Hall Museum is situated in the Ram Niwas Bagh (Garden). The main attraction of this museum is Egyptian Mummy which is 2300 years old. You can also see the rich collection of artifacts in this museum.

Things to Do at the Albert Hall Museum

  1. See the large collection of showpieces, artworks, antique objects, and others.
  2. Enjoy an incredible light show.
Albert Hall Museum

Shopping at Jaipur

1. Johri Bazaar

Johri Bazaar is especially known for Jewelry. You can buy gold, silver Jewelry and traditional Kundan jewelry from here.

Specialty: Jewelry with precious gemstones and handmade necklaces are some of the best.

Things to buy at Johri Bazaar: Buy Jewelry at reasonable prices at this Jaipur market.

johri bazar

2. Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is one of the most popular markets of the Pink City for buying traditional Jutis, Bangles, Sarees, Dupattas, Scarves, etc.

Specialty: Best quality Jaipur textile goods are present here.

Things to buy at Bapu Bazaar: Mojari-footwear made from camel skin, leather bags, wallets, and shoes.

Jaipuri Jutti

3. Badi Chaupar

It is a must visit where you can buy traditional footwear called Mojaris, dress materials with Jaipuri print, sarees, jewelry to handicrafts, Rajasthani furniture, antiques and much more.

Specialty: A perfect place to buy handicrafts and Jaipur print at a reasonable price.

Things to Buy at Badi Chaupar: Embroidered bed sheets, traditional souvenirs, and gift items.

badi chaupar

4. Nehru Bazaar

Another primary shopping destination in Jaipur. It is especially known for the striking blue pottery and the colors of handicraft items, blue pottery, Rajasthani Juttis, and trinkets make it a very lively place.

Specialty: One of Jaipur’s shopping specialties that look vibrant with multi-colored designs.

Things to buy at Nehru Bazaar: A place for buying beautiful clothes, bags, gifts.


5. Chaura Rasta

Chaura Rasta is heaven for stationery lovers as they would find a goods collection of handmade paper diaries, books, and many stationery items at the best prices.

Specialty: You will find a wide assortment of papers and books at affordable prices.

Things to Buy at Chaura Rasta: Handmade paper diaries.


The Best of Rajasthani Food in Jaipur

1. Dal Bati Churma

The trip to Jaipur is incomplete without having Dal Bati Churma. It is one of the most popular foods in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Thali

2. Ghevar

Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet. The connection of Jaipur with Ghevar is inviolable. Some sweet shops are synonymous with this delicacy & specialize in its preparation techniques.


3. Pyaz ki Kachori

Pyaz ki kachori is the most popular street food of Jaipur. It is an extremely famous morning breakfast of a huge number of people groups of Jaipur. You can enjoy steaming hot fiery Pyaaz ki Kachori, in most of the Namkeen shops of the city.

pyaz ki kachori

4. Ker Sangri

It is a traditional Rajasthani dish made with dried Ker berry and Sangri beans. Ker Sangri is an extremely tasty dish, leaving a lingering taste on your tongue while your Jaipur trip.


5. Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is made with boiled gram flour dumplings and simmered in yogurt curry is a very popular side dish and are a great combination to eat with hot puris or chapattis.

gatta ki sabji

6. Mawa Kachori

Rajasthan is known for its rich food and culture. Mawa Kachori is a delightful dessert. Kachori filled with an aromatic mixture of mawa and nuts makes it a very festive dessert.

mawa kachori

Jaipur Travel GuideJaipur Travel GuideJaipur Travel Guide

7. Gajak

It is a dry sweet, made of sesame seed or “Till” as they are known in Hindi. You can enjoy its delicious taste during the winter season. Gajak of Jaipur is very famous all over the world which you can’t find at whatever other places in India.


Jaipur Travel Guide


Jaipur Travel Guide: This Is The Best time to visit Jaipur – Things to do at Jaipur – The best of Rajasthani food in Jaipur

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