Religious Tour Packages

Religious Tour Packages

India is a land of diverse cultures and religions. You can find numerous temple towns, exotic pilgrimage sites and unique rituals in the country. Along with north India, the central and southern regions of the country are also revered for their centuries-old temples, exquisite churches, and mosques. These magnificent edifices and sites present the rich religious history and the fascinating architectural brilliance of the country. Each one has a legend attached to it that still creates curiosity among pilgrims and attracts thousands of tourists every year. India is the home of various pilgrimage places like Pushkar this small town has around 500 temples and various ghats. Jaipur is famous for its peaceful temples and mosques. Besides this, Khatu Shyam Ji, Salasar Balaji, and many other famous temples situated near Jaipur city where lakhs of devotees come every year to offer prayers. Ajmer is famous for Dargah of KhwajaMuin-ud-din Chishti, devotees around the world every year come here to offer prayers. The world-famous Sri Harimandir Sahib, fondly known as Golden Temple, is the crown of the city of Amritsar. Our Religious Tour Packages gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore the most of pilgrimage sites of India with the lowest price guarantee. Here is a list of the most beautiful Pilgrimage destinations and recommended Pilgrimage Packages in India. 


15 days

Ananya Travel world has designed the itinerary of 15 Days Golden Triangle Tour package to make you experience the Busy streets of Delhi with the colorful crowd, admirable structures of the major cities of Rajasthan and the UNESCO heritage sites in Agra. Apart from this, The Tour gives you a great chance to view closely the cultural heritage of the country.

7 days

located in the north-west region of India, Punjab is one of the most prosperous and lively states of India. Our 6 nights and 7 days Punjab Tour Package takes you to all the famous tourist destinations of this incredible Land. The tour gives you an opportunity to know here’s colorful culture, vibrant music and dance, crafts and lip-smacking cuisine.

5 days

Best of Chandigarh with Sacred Himachal Tour by Ananya travel world is a unique tour package which takes you through some auspicious temples of Himachal, coupled with sightseeing in Chandigarh. The tour gives you an opportunity to seek blessings from some of the famous temples of Himachal. The tour promises you with memories which you are going to remember for a lifetime.